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Publisher Name The MADIS of Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Language English
Starting Year 2007
Discipline Mathematics and Physics
Frequency Quaterly
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Country United States
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1.416 (2014)


1.235 (2013)


1.659 (2015)


1.730 (2016)


1.743 (2017)


1.972 (2018)

Description publishes original research papers and survey articles in all aspects of Smarandache multi-spaces, Smarandache geometries, mathematical combinatorics,non-euclidean geometry and topology and their applications to other sciences. Topics in detail to be covered are: Smarandache multi-spaces with applications to other sciences, such as those of algebraic multi-systems, multi-metric spaces,$cdots$, etc.. Smarandache geometries; Differential Geometry; Geometry on manifolds; Topological graphs; Algebraic graphs; Random graphs; Combinatorial maps; Graph and map enumeration; Combinatorial designs; Combinatorial enumeration; Low Dimensional Topology; Differential Topology; Topology of Manifolds; Geometrical aspects of Mathematical Physics and Relations with Manifold Topology; Applications of Smarandache multi-spaces to theoretical physics; Applications of Combinatorics to mathematics and theoretical physics; Mathematical theory on gravitational fields; Mathematical theory on parallel universes; Other applications of Smarandache multi-space and combinatorics.

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