E-ISSN 2409-0085
P-ISSN 2308-4944
Publisher Name International Academy of Theoretical & Applied Sciences
Email T-Science@mail.ru
Language English, Russian
Starting Year 2013
Discipline multidisciplinary
Frequency Monthly
Website http://www.t-science.org
Country Kazakhstan
Accessing Method open access
Articles Format PDF
License Type Normal
Impact Factor

0.829 (2014)


0.307 (2013)

Description International scientific journal ?Theoretical & Applied Science?, registered in France, and indexed more than 20 international and citation databases (DOI, ISI, RSCI, RB, TEI, GIF, OAJI, GS, ThomsonReuters and others). The journal is published monthly, 30 number, according to the results of scientific and practical conferences held in different countries and cities. Each conference scientific journal, with articles in the shortest possible time (within 1 day) is placed on the Internet site: http://www.T-Science.org The journal was officially included in DOI, ISI, ThomsonReuters and RISC (Russian index of scientific citation). Impact Factor JIF = 1.500 Impact Factor ISRA (India) = 1.344 Impact Factor ISI (Dubai, UAE) based on International Citation Report (ICR) = 0.307 Impact Factor GIF (Australia) = 0.356 Impact Factor SIS (Texas, USA) = 0.438 At the moment the journal, all the articles, and all of our authors are indexed in the following bases: - THOMSON REUTERS, EndNote (USA) (https://www.myendnoteweb.com/EndNoteWeb.html) - DOI (USA) (http://www.doi.org/) - CrossRef (USA) (http://www.crossref.org/) - International Scientific Indexing ISI (Dubai, UAE) (http://isindexing.com/isi/journaldetails.php?id=327) - ???? (Russia) (http://elibrary.ru/contents.asp?issueid=1254059) - Google Scholar (USA) (http://scholar.google.ru/scholar?q=Theoretical+t-science.org&btnG=&hl=ru&as_sdt=0%2C5) - Research Bible (Japan) (http://journalseeker.researchbib.com/?action=viewJournalDetails&issn=23084944&uid=rd1775) - Open Academic Journals Index (Russia) (http://oaji.net/journal-detail.html?number=679) - Turk Egitim Indeksi (Turkey) (http://www.turkegitimindeksi.com/Journals.aspx?ID=149) - Open Access Journals (http://www.oajournals.info/) - Advanced Sciences Index (Germany) (http://journal-index.org/index.php/asi/article/view/647) - SCIENTIFIC INDEXING SERVICE (Texas, USA) (http://sindexs.org/JournalList.aspx?ID=202) - Global Impact Factor (Australia) (http://globalimpactfactor.com/?type=issn&s=2308-4944&submit=Submit) - International Society for Research Activity (India) (http://www.israjif.org/single.php?did=2308-4944) - AcademicKeys (Connecticut, USA) (http://sciences.academickeys.com/jour_main.php) - CiteFactor (USA) (http://www.citefactor.org/journal/index/11362/theoretical-applied-science) - JIFactor (http://www.jifactor.org/journal_view.php?journal_id=2073) - Sherpa Romeo (United Kingdom) (http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/search.php?source=journal&sourceid=28772) - Journal Index (http://journalindex.net/?qi=Theoretical+%26+Applied+Science) Articles are accepted in the following languages: English, Russian. The journal goes to press immediately after the conference and distributed in 3 days after the end of the conference (by mail journal is on average 5 to 17 days ). Founder of the scientific journal: International Academy of Theoretical & Applied Sciences ( member of Publishers International Linking Association (USA)) Each participant of the scientific conference will receive a journal, as well as the certificate of the participant. The printed format journal and certificate - A4.

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