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Description Currently, there exist many agent symposia, as well as agent-based social simulation conferences. However, ADS Symposium is unique, since all three aspects of the synergy of simulation and agents are explored: namely, agent simulation, agent-supported simulation, and agent-monitored simulation. Agent simulation is simulation of systems modeled by agents. Agent-supported simulation involves the use of intelligent agents to enhance modeling and simulation (M&S) infrastructures and consists of support by software agents: (1) to provide computer assistance for front-end and/or backend interface functions in M&S environments; (2) to process elements of an M&S study symbolically (for example, for consistency checks and built-in reliability); and (3) to provide cognitive abilities to the elements of an M&S study, such as perception, anticipation, learning, understanding and awareness abilities. In agent-monitored simulation, agents are used during simulation run time.

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