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West Visayas State University Research Journal

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West Visayas State University Research Journal

Ethics and Responsibilities of Authors


By submitting a manuscript to University Research and Development Center-University Research Journal (URDC-URJ) (Publisher), each author clearly confirms that the manuscript meets the highest ethical standards for authors and co-authors.


For research studies with more than one author or/and with support from any funding agencies, the authors must undoubtedly agree that the manuscript will be submitted to the publisher and be published, or/and should ask permission from the authorities of their funding agency. The URDC-URJ is not responsible for the legal right to publish any material submitted and the appropriate handling of issues of co-authorship and not legally accountable if there will be any claims for compensation.


Since the results and methodologies are the basis of all scientific publications, authors should report these accurately and honestly.  The authors, and not the publisher, are liable for the precision of quotations used and their correct attribution, and for submitting their manuscripts in proper form for publication. Furthermore, the authors should be cautious that the manuscript submitted to WVSU Research Journal has never been published before and must not be under consideration by any other journal or publication medium at the same time.  In case the author(s) wish to withdraw their submitted research article(s) from publishing in the URDC-URJ, the author may write a letter addresses to the Editor-in-Chief and the Director of URDC indicating explicitly the reason of withdrawal of the material.


After a manuscript has been accepted, and before it is published, the authors will be asked to sign a copyright transfer form, which will be received before actual publication takes place. Final submission of a manuscript automatically grants the journal the right to use any figure (or picture) therein on the cover of the journal in which it appears. The primary authors assume the responsibility to handle responses to inquiries after the manuscript is published.