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Antioxidant activity of aqueous extract of Boswellia serrata

Ajay Sharma1*, Jitendra Upadhyay, Amit Jain2, M. D. Kharya3, Ajay Namdeo4 and K. R. Mahadik4

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

This study was planned to investigate antioxidant activity of aqueous extract of Boswellia serrata (B. serrata) (Family - Burseraceae). Preliminary phytochemical screening indicates that the extract contain large amount of polysaccharides (30-35%). The aqueous extract shows free radical scavenging activity in a concentration dependent manner. At the concentration of 500 mg/mL, 94.6% diphenyl picryl hydrazyl, 80.9% nitric oxide, 40.97% hydroxide and 86.2% super oxide radicals were scavenged by the aqueous extract. At the concentration of 500 mg/mL extract shows maximum reducing ability (converting Fe3+ to Fe2+). The facts obtained in the current study implies that the aqueous extract of B. serrata have persuasive anti-oxidant activity in conflict to free radicals in a concentration dependent approach.