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Rheological analysis on different oils use in tyre tread cap compound

N.Kumar*1 ,R.K.Khandelwalal1,P.L.Meena1 K.S.Meena1,T.K .Chaki 2 and D.K .Mahla2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Rheology is principally concerned with extending the "classical" disciplines of elasticity and (Newtonian) fluid mechanics to materials whose mechanical behavior cannot be described with the classical theories. It is also concerned with establishing predictions for mechanical behavior based on the micro- or nanostructure of the material, e.g. the molecular size and architecture of polymers in solution or the particle size distribution in a solid suspension. Materials flow when subjected to a stress that is a force per area. There are different sorts of stress (e.g. shear, torsional, etc.) and materials can respond in various ways. Thus much of theoretical rheology is concerned with the forces associated and external applied loads and stresses, and the resulting internal strains. The object of this study is to investigate the relaxation time (k) and the viscosity index (k) Min TQ. (lb-in) and Maxs. (lb-in) of a tyre tread compound. The rheological behaviour of the sample are studied using a parallel plate rheometer and the rheological material functions .In this work three types of low PCA and one regular high PCA Petroleum oils are Rheologicaly, analyzed.These low PCA oils can act as the best alternative processing aids for rubber industry. The rheological,properties of SSBR loaded with different LPCA & HPCA oils have been studied. in order to obtain similar properties. 1-5.