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Thiourea - Zn2+ system as corrosion inhibitor for Carbon Steel in Marine media

M. Manivannan 1 * and S. Rajendran 2,3

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The inhibition efficiency (IE) of thiourea (TU) in controlling corrosion of carbon steel in marine media in the absence and presence of Zn2+ has been evaluated by weight loss study. 95 % IE is obtained from the formulation consisting of 200 ppm TU and 50 ppm Zn2+. It is found that the IE of TU increases by the addition of Zn2+ ion. A synergistic effect exists between TU and Zn2+. The mechanistic aspects of corrosion inhibition have been studied using polarization study. Also FTIR spectra reveal that the protective film consists of Fe2+ TU complex and Zn (OH)2. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) study confirms the protection of carbon steel surface by strong adsorption of TU. From the results of above studies a suitable mechanism for corrosion inhibition is proposed.