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Role of invertase enzyme in ripening of honey of indigenous hive honeybee apis cerana indica


Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Enzymes form integral part and play decisive role in biological metabolism and systems. The present study emphasized on biochemical aspects of honey ripening in hive honeybee Apis cerana indica. Five stages of conversion of nectar to honey include floral nectar (fn), honey crop of foragers (hf), honey crop of house bees (hh), unsealed honey cells (uh) and sealed honey cells (sh). The levels of sucrose in the fn and sh cells was 19.01%, and 2.40 % respectively, while invertase content in fn and sh cells was 0.00% and 42.40 ml respectively. Results have clearly exemplify that invertase enzyme secreted by honeybee glands plays an instrumental role in formation of viscous honey from dilute floral nectar. The analysis of variance of invertase activity was not significant at P