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IPR- The Backbone of Biotechnology

Priyanka Kriplani1* and Rahul Taneja2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The role of intellectual property rights has become a key issue in agricultural and resource economics over the past two decades. The changes in biotechnology and intellectual property protection that have occurred since 1980 make private enterprise possible for the first time in many broad research areas in agriculture and the health sciences. Furthermore, universities, cooperatives and other public and non-profit institutions now have the option of licensing or selling research outputs in this area, rather than giving their results away for free. As the scope and power of Intellectual property rights in biotechnology has grown, their international reach has expanded. These developments raise many fascinating and important issues: optimal patent design and licensing; the implications of Intellectual property rights under cumulative innovation, typical of agriculture and biotechnology; the effects of the TRIPS agreement on developing countries and the effects of Intellectual property rights on monopolization of key sectors.2