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Analytical study of physico chemical and metallic elements of ground water and surface water in Balco industrial Area, Korba, C.G.

Vaishnav M.M.1* Dewangan S.2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

A systematic investigation has been carried out to assess the water quality of SW and GW of Balco industrial areas in context of statistical approach. For this purpose we have taken monthly based investigation of the water. 30 water samples were collected from ten selected sites (BS1 BS10) in 2L capacity containers, separately (Oct 2009 to Dec 2009). Then water samples were subjected to analytical study prescribed by standard agencies. The results were interpreted via statistical means like mean, SD, SE, %CV, r and WQI. Turbidity (SW 82.05 NTU, GW 21.66 NTU), Fe (GW 2.385mg/L), Al(SW 0.76mg/L,) were found above the threshold value. Strong +ive relation was calculated for GW between TS vs TDS [GW = + 0.950(3.042)] and EC vs TDS [Sw r = + 0.973(4.216)]. The high % CV was calculated for Zn 127.791 (GW) and As in 184.185 (SW). Highest WQI is obtained in case of BS5 : 2472.32. The analysis showed water sources in and around Balco industries are not applicable for any purpose in human development.