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De-escalation of Concentration of Fluorides by Clayware with Alum Salts in Potable Water

Mohana Rao Abburi1, Divya Jyothi.M2*, H.K.R.Prasad. S1, Vinod. P1 and Zeneba Tedasse1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

For de-escalation of fluorides in the potable water, we have enumerable de fluoride techniques of which flocculation, Coagulation, Electro Coagulation, Adsorption, Absorption, have been taken a vital path. This research where it has been successfully adopted by the researchers took place at highlands around 3000 ft from the sea level in Ethiopia Country. We identified various concentrations of fluoride in the ground water around Aksum town of Ethiopia. Aluminum Ammonium Sulphate clayware is the one of the vital methods in the community at economical sustainability for de-escalation of the fluorides in the potable waters. The villages which are surrounded by the Aksum city of Ethiopia have been identified as fluoride contaminated areas and the people of these places (woredas) have been excruciating for the last 25-30 years vigorously with the Fluorosis. Here we concentrate predominantly Longmuir studies to carry this Proposal.