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Effect of various sources and parameters on the production of an extracellular lipase from Aspergillus heteromorphus and optimization using response surface methodology

Sneha.P.M, Tatineni Parimala1, C.S.V.Ramachandra Rao1, R.Satish Babu1*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Optimization of medium composition for the improvement of lipase enzyme activity using Aspergillus heteromorphus, was performed by Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Initially, the effect of seven types of carbon sources (lactose, glycerol, starch, dextrose, sucrose, fructose, and sorbitol) and five types of nitrogen source (CSL, yeast extract, meat extract, urea and ammonium sulphate) and different inducers (mustard, gingelly, coconut, sunflower, castor, olive, palm, and groundnut oils) on growth of Aspergillus sp. was studied. The concentration of medium component that was found to significantly influence the growth of Aspergillus sp (olive oil, sorbitol, and meat extract) was further optimized using RSM. The medium that consists of 0.5% w/v sorbitol, 2% w/v meat extract and 2% w/v olive oil at 30C temperature and at 68th hr was found optimal for lipase production from Aspergillus sp. showing an activity of around 24.7U/ml which was more than the previous value prior to optimization i.e. 22.3 U/ml.