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Development of a novel water soluble ?-cyclodextrinepichlorohydrin polymer complex to improve aqueous solubility

R.Deveswaran*, Harika Puppala S.K, S.Bharath, B.V.Basavaraj, V.Madhavan

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The purpose of this work is to synthesize and evaluate a novel water-soluble ?-cyclodextrinepichlorohydrin (?-CDEPI) polymer that could be useful as a carrier to improve the aqueous solubility of poorly soluble drug, aceclofenac. The melting point of synthesized ?-CDEPI was 230-2400C. Solubility of aceclofenac in distilled water was enhanced to marked extent using the ?-CDEPI polymer as compared with pure aceclofenac. The FTIR studies confirmed the formation of polymer complex of ?-cyclodextrin with the addition of epichlorohydrin by preserving the basic structural units. This also confirmed the absence of any chemical interaction between the drug and the prepared complex. The drug content of all prepared complexes was found to be in the range between 97-100%. Dissolution studies results revealed that the dissolution rate of complex prepared by kneading process was found to be faster as compared to physical mixture and pure drug. The dissolution rates of complexes were found to be greater than that of the pure drug due to the wetting effect of the cyclodextrin during the dissolution. The results of the formulations were found to be statistically significant. Thus, the synthesized complex was useful in improvement of dissolution rate of poorly water soluble drug aceclofenac, thereby leading to better absorption in gastrointestinal tract.