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Analysis of Myoelectric Signals for below Elbow Amputation for the development of a Prosthetic Arm

Meghamala Dutta

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

In the last few decades, myoelectric based prosthetic limbs, which are controlled by sensing the signals for muscle movements which are electrical in nature, have become much more common than purely mechanical limbs or semi-automatic assisted contraptions. Based on the established concept that muscle activity is associated with change in voltage levels [order of micro-volts], sensors can be positioned appropriately to care placed between the simulated upper arm muscles and the virtual prosthetic arm. Small amounts of current generated due to this potential difference are amplified and filtered to get the desired output using simulated software. With the widespread use of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing coupled with artificial intelligence [especially Genetic Algorithm], improvements in DSP and its implementation cost reducing over the years, our goal was primarily to analyze the myoelectric signals from the amputated and real elbow using a simulating software and predict the signal range which might be necessary for fitting of the prosthetic arm.