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Phosphate Solubilizing Activity of a Mangrove Isolate of Streptomyces badius from Muthupettai Mangrove, Tamil Nadu, India

Shilpi Bhardwaj1*, Sourav Bhattacharya2 and Arijit Das2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Due to the formation of complexes with cations, availability of soluble phosphorus to microbes and plants are limited in the mangrove ecosystems. In order to isolate potent phosphate-solubilizing actinomycetes, sediment samples were collected from three locations of the Muthupettai mangrove, Tamil Nadu, India and checked for the ability of the isolates to solubilize the insoluble tribasic calcium phosphate supplemented in Kusters agar medium. Of the total 9 phosphate solubilizing actinomycetes isolated, isolate MTZ-3 demonstrated highest phosphate solubilizing activity in the form of clear zone around the colonies and was selected for further studies. Different pH, temperatures and incubation period were studied to optimize the highest phosphate solubilization by the isolate. After 10 days of incubation at 28C and pH 8, MTZ-3 significantly reduced the insoluble phosphate supplemented in the Kusters broth and also demonstrated the highest phosphatase activity (1.14?g phenol/g/h). MTZ-3 isolate was identified as Streptomyces badius ATCC 19729 based on the molecular characterization study. The present study emphasizes on the fact that this native mangrove isolate, can be used confidently in solubilizing the insoluble phosphate in mangrove ecosystems and also in the reclamation of barren lands.