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Dielectric constant and emissivity of dry and wet black soils at C-band microwave frequency

Vidya D. Ahire*, D. V. Ahire and P. R. Chaudhari

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

This study provides the experimental measurements of dielectric constant and dielectric loss of black soils having various percentages gravimetric Moisture Content (MC) at C-band microwave frequency, 5 GHz. Black soil samples were collected from the three different places located in north Maharashtra region (India). Measurements of complex dielectric constants of these soils have been carried out by using Waveguide cell method. We have used an automated C-band microwave set-up with PC-based slotted line control and data acquisition system. The dielectric constants and dielectric losses of these black soil samples are found increased with the corresponding increase in MC. Emissivity values are estimated by using emissivity model for vertical and horizontal polarizations show decrease with increase in MC / dielectric constant. Further, the data on the physical and chemical properties of these soils are also provided. Results of this study will be useful in designing passive sensors for microwave remote sensing. Such data are essential for the retrieval of soil moisture content from the remotely sensed satellite data. Possible applications of such studies in understanding soil science are outlined.