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Determination and removal of Nitrate in Ground Water of western Rajasthan: with Special Reference to Barmer Region

Ruchi Mathur1, Ravi Sharma1, Arun Suthar1, Anju Sharma2, Shobha Sharma1* and Pradeep K. Sharma1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Nitrate in groundwater represent a widely distributed pollution concern. Nitrates are perhaps the most ubiqutious of all groundwater contaminants. Natural and man induced sources of nitrate in ground water are a result of water usage for irrigation, excessive application of commercial fertilizers or manure, and waste disposal practices associated with land application of sludge or waste water effluents , municipal or industrial landfills and septic tank systems . The key concern regarding usage of groundwater with excessive concentration of nitrate is related to human health effects, particularly with regard to infants. The major effects are associated with losses in oxygen transport capabilities in the blood.