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Germination Behavior of Some Kashmiri Paddy Cultivars

Nuzhat Quadir, Sajad A.Wani, *Bilal A. Bhat, **Towseef A. Wani and**Quraazah A.

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The present study was aimed to investigate the germination behavior of some locally cultivated paddy varieties of Kashmir division viz., Shalimar Rice-1 (V1), Jehlum (V2) and Kohsar (V3). The paddy varieties were soaked in tap water at 250C for 24 hours. After soaking water was drained from each variety. The varieties were placed on wet cotton cloth in petriplates, covered with more wet cotton cloth and the petriplates closed with wrapping film. These petriplates were incubated at 350C for 3, 4 and 6 days. The varieties were solar dried to arrest germination followed by milling and pulverization to obtain flour. Physico-chemical analysis was carried out and the results revealed that there was gradual increase in Reducing sugars (%), Protein content (%), Moisture content (%), Embryo growth lengths (mm), Ash content (%) while as Milling rate, Bulk density (g/ml), fat content (%) decreased. Significant changes were observed in pasting properties determined from decrease in viscosity values (cp) (Peak viscosity, Hold viscosity, Final viscosity, Break down and Set back). Amongst the treatments and varieties, 6 day incubation period (T3) and Shalimar Rice-1 (V1), respectively gave the best results.