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Optimization of Alkali Pretreatment Process Parameters for Sweet Sorghum Bagasse by Enzyme Hydrolysis Using Response Surface Methodology

Lavudi Saida1, Sandeep singh Dhaliwal 2, H.S.Oberoi 3 and M.Laxmi Narasu4

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Pretreatment studies were done by using both acid and alkali on Sweet Soarghum Bagasse (SSB) and further enzyme hydrolysis was done with a blend of commercial enzymes such as Celluclast, Novozyme and pectinase mixtures as well as crude enzymes produced by Aspergillus niger from solid state fermentation. The preliminary results showed that alkali treated sweet sorghum bagasse yielded higher sugar levels than acid treated substrate. Hence alkali pretreatment optimization studies were performed by Response Surface Methodology (R.S.M) to maximize sugar levels. Alkali pretreatment parameters were evaluated, such as autoclave time (10-30 min), autoclave temperature (125-140 oC) and alkali concentration (1.5-4%) to maximize sugar levels. The process parameters such as autoclave temperature 125 oC, autoclave time 29 min and alkali concentration 3.88% was found optimal for enzyme hydrolysis. The final glucose concentration (64.5 g/L) obtained at the optimized conditions was significantly more than non-optimized conditions.