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Host Parasite Relationship: Sengasp. (Dollfus, 1934) In Association With Naturally Infected Freshwater Host Fish Channapunctatus (Bl.)

Pinky Kaur1, Rekha Shrivastav2, T. A. Qureshi1, Susan Manohar1, J.D. Saroch1 and Shivani Sharma1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Present study was conducted to investigate the host-parasite relationship between the naturally infected freshwater murrel, Channapunctatus in association with a pseudophyllideacestode species, Senga sp. In all 175 specimens of Channapunctatus were examined, out of which 60 were found infected by pseudophyllideacestode, Senga sp. (Dollfus, 1934). A creamy white worm, measuring 36.2 48.0 mm in length and were recovered from the intestine. The site occupied by the parasite is preferentially the midgut and hindgut region of the intestine but in heavily infected fish the parasites occur throughout the entire length of the gut. The total prevalence (%), mean intensity and relative abundance were calculated to be 35.62 13.77, 2.68 1.08 and 1.07 0.60, respectively. The cestode exhibited a clear seasonality, with maximum prevalence during summer season of the year and moderate in winter season. Prevalence and mean intensity were higher in the larger host size groups than in the smaller one and female hosts were found more infected then males.