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In vitro studies on anti-cancer activity of anti-cancerous compound producing marine bacteria against on cancer cells by MTT assay

V.S.L.Mithun * and C.S.V.Rama Chandra Rao

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Extracts from microorganisms have served as a valuable source of diverse molecules in many drug discoveries. Identification of microbial strains having promising biological activities and purifying the bio-molecules which are responsible for the biological activities, have led to the discovery of many bioactive molecules. Extracts of bacteria in vitro tested on various cancer cell lines. The lyophilized bacterial extract powder was dissolved in various chemical solvents like Methanol, Chloroform and Ethyl acetate. From them cytotoxic assays was performed with the extracts were screened on HCT 15 and MES- SA cancer cell lines to study the cytotoxic potential. Where the Ethyl acetate showed the viability when compared to other solvents. The Ethyl acetate extract of isolate showed promising results by MTT assay and Trypan blue staining.