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Physico-Chemical Status of Wular Lake in Kashmir

Rumysa Khaliq*, Sharique A. Ali, Tariq Zafar, Mohd.Farooq, Bilal A. and Pinky Kaur

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Present study was conducted to study the physico-chemical status of Wular Lake in Kashmir. Thirteen different parameters including temperature, total dissolved solids, hydrogen-ion concentration, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, chloride, calcium hardness and total hardness were work out under present investigation. The surface water samples from Wular Lake were collected from five sampling sites (namely Watlab, Astingu, Lakreshpur, Gurur and Ningli) in the early hours for every month during the study period (February 2011 January 2012). The physico-chemical parameters of Wular Lake studied included the atmospheric temperature (recorded between 31C to 7C), water transparency values were (ranged from 0.9 m to 0.1 m), hydrogen ion concentration (ranged between 8.7 to7.1), alkalinity (varies from 224 mg/l to53mg/l), dissolved oxygen (varied from 10.8 mg/l to 2.7 mg/l), chloride (ranged between 33 mg/l to 14 mg/l), calcium hardness (ranged between 54mg/l to 23 mg/l) and magnesium content (ranged from 37.1 mg/l to 15 mg/l).