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Solar Desalination Using Zinc Oxide as Photocatalyst

Manisha Sindal1, Narendra Singh2 and Ajay Sharma1*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Water and energy are two of the most important topics on the international environment and development agenda. The social and economic health of the modern world depends on sustainable supply of both energy and water. Many areas worldwide that suffer from fresh water shortage are increasingly dependent on desalination as a highly reliable and non-conventional source of fresh water. So, desalination market has greatly expanded in recent decades and expected to continue in the coming years. The integration of renewable energy resources in desalination and water purification is becoming increasingly attractive. This is justified by the fact that areas of fresh water shortages have plenty of solar energy and these technologies have low operating and maintenance costs. The present paper contains the effect of photocatalyst like zinc oxide (ZnO), on the rate of production of distilled water and its quality was made and it was found that the rate of production of desalinated water increased to a remarkable extent. A comparative study of different parameters like pH, conductivity, concentration anions and cations, etc. was made between raw water and desalinated water under these condition.