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Cold Resistance in Wheat and its Related Species

Dan Peng1, Yue Jiang1, Ying Yi1, Feng-Zhen Li2, Li-Ping Bai1, Xiao-Gang Ma3, Hui Ma1, Ming Zhong1, Zhi-Fu Guo1*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The low-temperature as one of abiotic stresses is important factor to affect wheat acreage and production. Wheat adaptation to environmental stresses is dependent upon the activation of cascades of molecular networks involved in stress perception, signal transduction and the expression of specific cold stress-related genes.Wheat and its related species have cold stress-specific adaptive responses as well as responses which protect the wheat and its related species from cold environmental stress.In this review, we first introducethe physiological and biaochemical changes of wheat and its related species in low-temperature, and then we expound their responses for cytobiology in cold stress. Finally, the genes regulated cold resistance are described and discussed for the function and the mechanism in wheat and related species.