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Endo-Parasitic Helminths of Two Dominating Species of Family Clariidae

Hitender Singh1, Pinky Kaur*, Rekha Shrivastav2, Kamlesh Borana1, Susan Manohar1 and T. A. Qureshi1

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Present study conducted to investigate the parasitic load in two dominant species of Clariidae, namely Clarias batrachus and Clarias gariepinus. Out of 20 specimens of C. batrachus were examined, 8 were found infected with helminth parasites. Whereas, four out of 22 specimens of C. gariepinus found infected. The maximum prevalence (40 percentage) showed by C. batrachus while 18.18 percentage was shown by C. gariepinus. As maximum number of parasites recovered from C. batrachus. Between both species, the maximum intensity of 1.125 and 1.0 was recorded by C. batrachus and C. gariepinus, respectively. The recorded values of relative abundance are 0.45 and 0.181 for C. batrachus and C. gariepinus, respectively. Cestodes showed maximum prevalence as it occurs in both the host fishes.