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Bioactive molecules and their Anti-oxidant activity of Agaricus bisporus

J.Sankara Rao1*, K.Ravi Kumar1, Venkat Kartheek Vale 1, Prithvi Prasad Yarlagadda2, S.Vijaya Saradhi, 2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

White button mushroom (species Agaricus bisporus), cultivation increased throughout the world during the last few decades. Its popularity increased due to its ease of cultivation, high yield potential and high nutritional value. Mycochemical analysis of Agaricus bisporus extracts revealed the presence of terpenoids, tannins, steroidal glycosides and carbohydrates. Ethanolic extracts of the mushrooms, screened for possible antioxidant activity by four complementary test systems, namely DPPH free radical scavenging, ?- carotene/linoleic acid systems, total phenolic compounds and total flavonoid concentration revealed antioxidant activity in Agaricus bisporus. The species are edible and can be used as dietary intake for immune enhancement due to their anti-oxidant activity.