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The Effect on Male Reproductive Function and Fertility, In the Ethanolic Extract of Parkinsonia Aculeata

Priyanka Sharma*, Radhey Kant Sharma and Vipin Kumar Singh

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

To evaluate the effect on male reproductive function and fertility, in the ethanolic extract of Parkinsonia aculeata was administered orally. The body weight remain unaffected but the weight of reproductive organs were decreased significantly after the treatment, significant suppression of cauda epididymal, sperm count and motility was observed. Fertility was decreased in this by 70%. The testicular cell population i.e. primary spermatocytes (preleptotene, pachytene) and secondary spermatocytes were significantly reduced by 61.34%, 76.20% and 80.69%, respectively. A significantly decline was noticed in seminiferous tubular diameter.