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Status of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Lassi

1Y.D. Deshmukh ,3Shraddha Bajaj, 2A.L. Shirfule and 1Supriya Beedkar

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Storage studies were carried out for lactic count of Lassi stored at 37 20C and 7 10C. At storage temperature 37 20C, the Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) count found in decreasing order at 8th day in control sample, whereas the thermised lassi (L65) was observed to cause about four log cycle reduction in LAB, while the survivor of Lactic bacteria where still lower in Lassi subjected to thermization at higher temperature (L70), The product stored at 7 1c, the control sample found about 1.7 log cycle reduction compared to initial count on 15th day of storage and then tended to increase marginally up to 30th, whereas LAB count found slight increase after 15th days onwards till 35th day for the L70 product.