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Electrical Conductivity and Dielectric Constant as Predictors of Chemical Properties and available Nutrients in the Soil

P. R. Chaudhari*and D. V. Ahire

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The aim of this study was to evaluate chemical parameters and status of available total primary macronutrients (N+ P+ K), total secondary macronutrients (Ca+Mg) and total micronutrients (Cu+ Fe+ Mn+ Zn) in the soil from its electrical conductivity and dielectric constant. We have collected 8 samples (depth 0 - 15 cm) from different locations in North Maharashtra region. The soils were categorized as loamy sand, sandy loam and clay loam. The soils were analyzed for the chemical properties like organic carbon (OC) content, CaCO3, pH and for status of available nutrients. A pH and Electrical Conductivity of soil samples were measured by Soil Testing Kit. The dielectric constant was measured at C - band microwave frequency 4.5 GHz by using waveguide cell method. The statistical analysis of result shows high degree positive correlation of electrical conductivity and dielectric constant of soil samples with organic carbon (OC) content and available nutrients in soil samples while negative correlation with CaCO3 and pH of soil samples. Regression equations are obtained to evaluate chemical properties and status of available nutrients from electrical conductivity and dielectric constant of soil.