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Studies on Changes in Atmospheric Microbes of Dargah and Nearby Areas during Urs Fair

Pranay Chaturvedi and Rashmi Mathur

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The present study aimed at evaluating the air Microflora on the premises of Dargah and nearby areas during urs fair. This research conducted with the use of Colony Counter. The analysis revealed that during the fair, increase in human activity results in pollution of soil, water and air. This enhances the growth of microbes during the fair. Serratia and V.cholera was reported as least abundant bacteria. The highest count of the studied microorganisms was determined at Site III Kamani Gate, located between the Jhalara and Andarkot. The concentration of microorganisms was recorded before (in Sept.) during (in Oct.) and after the fair (in Nov.).The studies showed that most of the bacterial and fungal species were common between the months, but some additional species reported in the air samples of October and November.