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Exposure of Microflora Present in Various Habitants and its Drug Designing Studies

K. Ramya*, D. Sivareddy and M. Padmavathi

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The Micro flora isolated from the clinical samples like infectious blood and Buccal samples from different habitants and confirmed through different biochemical characterizations. The blood samples collected by intravenal puncture and the buccal samples are collected by using the buccal swabs from mouth. In Biochemical characterization of the microbes, different biochemical tests like glucose fermentation tests, starch hydrolysis tests, citrate tests etc are done for confirmation of bacteria. Among all the microorganisms Bacillus anthraces is the most common and dangerous which causes Anthrax. Casp1 is the responsible protein to cause this anthrax disease. In the present study a potent inhibitor was designed to inhibit the activity of Casp1 protein through drug designing. Keywords: Blood and Buccal samples, biochemical tests, Anthrax, CASP1, Softwares, 3V6M, docking studies.