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Floral Diversity of Bhitarkanika, East Coast of India and its potential uses

Durga Prasad Behera1* and Lakshman Nayak2

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Bhitarkanika is one of the spectacular National Park of India endowed with largest biodiversity of mangrove species and their associates. There are about 71 species of mangrove with their associates found in Bhitarkanika. In present observation a total of 28 families of 59 species mangrove with their associated flora was observed out of which the family Rhizophoraceae occurs in highest number ( 16.95%) followed by Leguminosae (8.47%) and families like Plumbaginaceae, Cyperaceae, Avicenniaceae contributing ( 5.08%) each having 24 species together representing 40.66% of total species. Rest 35 species of different families contributing 59.32% of abundance in study area. The local communities inhabited the mangrove areas along with their periphery depends in mangrove forest for their day today requirements such as food, fodder, timber , fuel, medicine etc. This paper provide field information on potential uses of mangrove and their associated flora during study period .The flower and fruit bearing seasons of some of the mangrove associated flora were recorded with the help of local people.