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Fractionation of Phosphorus in the Sediments of Kerala Coast

Manju. P. Nair and Sujatha C.H*.

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

This study gives the first report on the biogeochemical cycling and bioavailability of phosphorus (P) in the coastal sediments of Kerala along with the spatial changes of different P fractions in the sites. Sediments were collected from four prominent areas of Kerala Coast. Five major fractions of P were analyzed: ironbound P (FeP), calcium-bound P (CaP), acid- soluble P (AcidP), alkali-soluble P (AlkaliP) and residual fraction (RP). The ecological and geochemical transformation of P limits the cycling of P in the coastal sediments of the study area which reveals it as a limiting nutrient for the biological production. The Ca and Fe bound fractions were diminished in Cape and Trivandrum inferring that these inorganic P-fractions were readily available for plant growth in the site. But at Kollam and Cochin these fractions were comparatively high showing the nonavailable nature of P.