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Fertility status of soils of Western Development Region, Nepal and comparison of macronutrients and soil reactions at different soil organic matter levels

S. Pandey*, K.B. Thapa** and I.B.Oli***

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The soil sampling was done to collect 569 soil samples from Western Developmental Region, Nepal. Soil organic matter, total nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium and soil pH were analyzed in the soil laboratory. After the analysis, the soil samples were classified according to organic matter level in the soil. Among those samples, 63 were high, 250 were medium and 256 were low in organic matter content. The plant nutrient status and the soil reaction of those samples were classified as the classification given by Pradhan. The number of the samples that falls in different categories were calculated and tabulated. Likewise, the average of soil pH, organic matter content, total nitrogen, available phosphorus and available potassium were also calculated. The number of soil reaction mostly falls under acidic group, while most of the soil samples fall under low nutrient status (N, P and K). The average of the nutrients was higher in the higher organic matter containing soils than in the lower organic matter containing soils.