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Comparative thermal degradation of biodegradable and oxo-degradable polymeric blends used in shopping bags in Brazil

Joao de Arajo Jr.1*, Dulce Magalhes2, Nara A. de Oliveira2, Jivaldo R. Matos2 and Hlio Wiebeck

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

In the present study, a blend of poly(butylene adipate-co-terephtalate) PBAT and poly(lactic acid) PLA used for biodegradable shopping plastic bags was investigated, together with control samples of polyethylene containing prooxidant catalysts (called Oxo-degradable in the market). Samples were weighed and buried in simulated soil for three months, and then studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravimetry, including a non-isothermal Kinetic Analysis. Even though there was no significant mass loss in the ageing period, the activation energies for the thermal decomposition processes were significantly reduced for the biodegradable samples after the degradation in simulated soil, but not for the oxo-degradable ones.