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A Novel Approach to Fabrication of ZnO Bulk and Nanostructures

M. C. Raoa*, K. Ravindranadha and T. Rose Maryb

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Nanoparticles are of great scientific interest as they are effectively a bridge between bulk materials and atomic or molecular structures. A bulk material should have constant physical properties regardless of its size, but at the nanoscale size dependent properties are often observed. Thus, the properties of materials generally change as their size approaches the nanoscale and as the percentage of atoms at the surface of a material starts to become significant. ZnO is actually a wide band gap semiconductor of the II-VI semiconductor group. Because of its unique properties and versatile applications, it is used in transparent electronics, ultraviolet light emitters, piezoelectric devices and chemical sensors. There are various methods of synthesis of ZnO either in the form of bulk nanocrystal or in the thin film form, including bulk growth, substrate growth, chemical vapour deposition, sputtering and chemical route. The properties form the basis for motivation of device miniaturization; large effort has been focused on the fabrication, characterization and device applications of ZnO nanomaterials.