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Phytochemical Studies of Hyptis Suaveolens (L.) Poit

T. Rose Marya, K. Anushaa, K.V. Mallaiahb, K. Ravindranadhc, M.C. Raoc*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Hyptis suaveolens belonging to Lamiaceae family is native of Tropical American region. In the present study acetone leaf extract of wild Hyptis suaveolens was analysed by GC-MS.20. Different compounds were identified in crude extract and 11 compounds were isolated from aqueous extract. Of these compounds AllylOctadecanoate and Octadec-9- Enoic Acid were in major amounts. These results indicate that these compounds may be responsible for the antimicrobial and insecticidal activities.