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Nanomaterials and Its Application- A Review

R. P. Ugwekar1,G. P. Lakhawat 2*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

In the field of technologies, nanotechnology plays a great role. Nanotechnology made our lives easier, faster, smarter, and very convenient in the field of pleasure. Nanotechnology is a very vast field in which the matter is of great concern in the nanometer scale. Nanotechnology in the simple language can be defined as the study of matter in around the size of 1-100 nm. These nanotechnologies that we see in our daily life are mainly comprised of the nanoparticles of various sizes under 100 nm and these nanoparticles refer to the nanomaterials and the nanobiomaterials which are of great use to the human kind. Many industries around the world are showing their interest presently to this field of nanotechnology and it provides an important transformation to that industry as well as to the human beings working there as its provides a great opportunity for the unemployed talented people to work under this technology. There are certain disadvantages too for these nanotechnologies because being so small in size, one cannot judge the presence of these materials in the surrounding and hence it may enter into the human body and can cause severe damages but even then we cannot say them as harmful invention. All solid nanoparticles with high thermal conductivity can be used as additives of nanofluids. These nanoparticles that have been usually used in the nanofluids include: metallic particles (Cu, Al, Fe, Au, Ag, etc.), and nonmetallic particles (Al2O3, CuO, Fe3O4, TiO2, SiC, carbon nanotube, etc.).