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Correlations between Abiotic and Biotic Variables of Stream Ban- Ganga, Katra, Reasi, (J&K)

Arti Sharma and Vipulab Sharma*

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

Present research paper deals with the correlations between abiotic (Physical and chemical) and biotic (macro-benthic invertebrates) variables of Ban- Ganga, which is a religiously celebrated stream. Both variables were studied and Pearsons correlation r was drawn between them. The conclusion drawn from the chemical analyses was in good accordance to the result obtained from biological parameters. It was found that physico-chemical parameters were important in structuring the stream macro benthic invertebrate communities because they determined whether organisms could colonize and persist in the stream habitats. Thus, the invertebrates are useful as bio indicators to the health of the aquatic ecosystem, complementing water quality analysis.