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Effects of Seasons, Host Age, Size and Sex on Monogenetic Trematode, Hamatopeduncularia indicus of Host Fish, Arius jella

Akhter Ali Siddiqui

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

A total number of 220 Arius jella were examined for parasitic infection. The effect of some factors, on the incidence of parasitic infection on the host fish is carried out. The result of this study showed that, more than sixty percent of the examined host fishes were infected. The prevalence of infection was higher in female than male. The large sized fishes were more subjected to parasitic infection than smaller ones. A definite seasonal effect is noted, the summer found to be season of severe infection of fishes, where the percentage of infection was obviously higher than other seasons. The average prevalence (%), mean intensity and relative abundance were calculated to be 44.22, 2.26, and 0.88, respectively. The above results and their reasons corroborated with the findings of earlier researchers.