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Proximate Composition and Effect of Solvent on the Distribution and Concentration of Active Chemical Components of Piper Guineense Seed Using GCMS

1Udofia, P. G., 2Essien N., 3Ukpe, R. A. and 2Robert, A. N.

Journal Title:Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences

The proximate and gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy (GCMS) studies of 50:50acetone/DEE, acetone and DEE extracts of Piper guineense seed were carried out. The result showed 0.80% moisture, ash, 1.37%, crude protein, 10.77%, crude fibre, 9.81% and carbohydrate 79.61% from the plant material. Binary solvent of acetone/DEE showed 21 spectral lines, followed by acetone with 19 while DEE showed 18 molecules. Concentrations of the molecules even when all were present in chromatograms of the three solvent systems were different, but the retention times were slightly different in some cases. Most molecules in the three solvents were present in isomers of the original compound. Therefore different extracts showed different extraction coefficient in their ability to extract secondary metabolites from Piper guineense seed.