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Protective Effects of α-lipoic acid on Biological changes Induced by α-cypermethrin in Testis Rats

A. Sedky and A. Ali

Journal Title:Journal of Bioscience and Applied Research

α-cypermethrin is one of the most potent insecticide used worldwide.This study was planned to evaluate the possible role of α-lipoic acid in α-cypermethrin induced toxicity in rats. The treated groups were;the control, α-cypermethrin, α-lipoic acid and α-cypermethrin and α-lipoic acid groups. Our results showed that administration of α-cypermethrin caused significant decrease in RBC count, PCV and Hb content and an increase of WBC count. Also, α- cypermethrin caused significant increase in the levels of cholesterol, TGs, LDL-Cand VLDL-C, while the HDL-C was decreased.In addition, α-cypermethrin caused reduction in serum testosterone, FSH, and LH levels in intoxicated rats. Furthermore, the co-administration of α-lipoic acid mitigated the toxicity of α-cypermethrin by partially normalizing these biochemical parameters. Our results were supported by histopathological observations of testis. Our data suggest that α-lipoic acid may have a protective role against α-cypermethrin induced toxicity in rats.