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Kinetic and conductivity study to oxidation drug ketone ,using iodoform in basic medium

Layla A.Al-Juber, Gazwan H.Al-Somaidaie, Ayad S.Hamed, Shemaa H.Abdullah

Journal Title:Journal of Bioscience and Applied Research

Iodoform oxidation for drug ketone(spusforonion) at room temperature by using the conductivity study and spectrophotometric in basic medium . The conductivity study showed that molar conductance values were decreased with increasing of time at (2×10-4-4×10-4) concentration ,while at ( 5×10-4-6×10-4) the value of molar conductance was increased , due to the reaction in presence of basic medium and apply the Helmy’s theory of oxidation solutions was applied in ethanol for the initial infinity Molaric conductivity Ʌοat 250  ̊was found the liner relationship between the lnɅ and C1/2for the weak electrodes . The second study was the spectrophotometric in basic medium which showed that the reaction is related to the  first order for the oxidation drug concentration  by the iodofrom.