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The Relationship between Mean Platelet Volume and Coronary Collateral Vessels in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes    

Dr. Gaurav Singhal  

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

Background: Elevated mean platelet volume (MPV) has been proposed as a risk factor for coronary artery disease (CAD) and is associated with poor clinical outcome in acute coronary syndrome (ACS). However some studies have contradictory findings. Hence we aimed to evaluate the association of MPV with presence of coronary collateral vessel (CCV) in patients with ACS.  Objective: To find MPV value in ACS patients and to find predictive value of MPV in spectrum of CAD and to examine whether levels of MPV predict the presence of CCVs.  Methods:  A total of 180 patients with first ACS were included in the study.  Mean platelet volume (MPV) was measured. All patients underwent coronary angiography to know disease severity and coronary collateral vessels (CCVs). The CCVs are graded according to the Rentrop scoring system and According to coronary angiography  results, patients were divided into two groups as Group 1 (poor CCV) and Group 2 (good CCV).  Results:  The mean MPV was  10.74 ± 2 fl in poor collaterals group patients and 11.01 ±1.7 fl in good collaterals group (p value 0.421). Presence of CCV was not significantly associated with high levels of MPV. MPV value did not show any prediction of spectrum of coronary artery disease.  Conclusion: MPV on admission was not associated with development of CCV positively in patients with ACS. Also it is not associated with number of vessel involvements.     KEYWORDS: Acute coronary syndrome; coronary artery disease; mean platelet volume; Coronary collateral vessels; rentrop criteria.