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Mayank Ameta

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

With more and more plastics being employed in human lives and increasing pressure being placed on capacities available for plastic waste disposal, the need for biodegradation plastics and biodegradation of plastic waste has assumed in increasing importance in the last few year. This review looks at the biodegradation of conventional plastic by microorganism. Thermostat plastics, such as aliphatic polyester and polyester polyurethane, are easily attacked by microorganisms directly because of the potential hydrolytic cleavage of ester or urethane bond in their structure. Plastics that are biodegradable can be considered environment friendly, they have increasing range of potential application and are driven by the growing use of plastics packaging. This paper attempt to make conclusion on potentially viable methods to reduce impacts of plastic waste on the environment.   KEYWORDS: Biodegradation, Plastics, Polyester, Polyurethane.