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Prakash Pant Dr Ramniwas

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

Tuberculosis continues to be major adversary of human health and life since time immemorial. The expanding AIDS pandemic has gravely boosted incidence, prevalence and severity of tuberculosis. Two decades earlier therefore, the WHO has proclaimed tuberculosis as emergency in health care. The disease is integrated with weak spots of human living, environment, habits and socioeconomic profile. Mycobacteria are essentially fought with drugs and development of resistance to antitubercular drugs is great medical challenge. The traditions of prevention and control of tuberculosis are historically established and continue to progress in parallel to unending disease burden. Perpetual adaptations of strategies for control exemplify holistic understanding in medicine and particularly tuberculosis. In the scientifically advanced but economically modest national context, tuberculosis control programmes remain major frontier of medicine. This article attempts to briefly overview the context.   KEYWORDS: Antitubercular drugs, HIVƒTB comorbidity, RNTCP, Tuberculosis