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Abhay Kumar Pandey

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

Human asset of social brain is evolved system that draws upon focal as well as global connected brain mechanisms. These are dynamic and flexible anatomical routes operated for co−operation and co−ordination in intelligent behaviors. Divers cues and inputs from interaction, specially human social interaction are processed with reference to innate and acquired mental assets for inference and consequent generation of appropriate output (response).The focal and global connections are now subject to view with functional neuroimaging technology. Brain mapping approaches are now adding to the comprehensive understanding of neurophysiology. The technology driven scientific advances have disclosed serious threat of environmental pollutants for the complex, dynamic but delicate neural architecture operating the social brain. The dreads are worst at early developmental stages and later in aging phase of population. It is very huge challenge of quality of human beings, society and life. There is myth also that Hitler’s hatred arose in such very contexts. The need for befitting response to the challenge by medical fraternity is urgent. This narrative attempts to briefly introduce neurophysiological and neurotoxicological perspectives in this context for general reading among medical basic science and clinical educators and students. The interdisciplinary perspectives also indicate the research vistas and development of preventive and corrective interventions.   KEYWORDS: Cognitive neuroscience, Environmental toxicology, Neuronal networks, Neurotoxicology, Social cognition.