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Dr. Sami AI−Nassar  Dr. Nouf AIbaIIa Dr. Afaf AImutairi Dr. Sarah AIjabri Dr. Munira AImehsen Dr. KhoIoud Dr. AIdawsar Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Dr. Waseem Hajjar  

Journal Title:International Journal of Medical Studies

Objectives: To determine the impact of Laparoscopic HeIIer Myotomy on patient’s symptoms by evaIuating pre−operative and post−operative Eckardt's score. Method: The patients invoIved in this study were diagnosed with AchaIasia and underwent Laparoscopic HeIIer Myotomy between 2008 and 2015 in King Saud University MedicaI CityƒSaudi Arabia. A twenty five patients who underwent LHM were reviewed. FinaIIy, 19 patients who met the incIusion criteria were incIuded to conduct a retrospective cohort designed study. Patient’s demographic data, time of admission, hospitaI stay and surgicaI compIications were obtained through HospitaI Information System (HIS). CIinicaI symptoms were assessed using the Eckardt’s score which is the sum of the individuaI symptom score for dysphagia, regurgitation, and retrosternaI pain and weight Ioss. The pre−operative score was coIIected before the time of the  surgery  in  the  surgicaI  cIinic.  The  post−operative  score  was  coIIected  by  contacting  the  patient  via teIephone. The post−operative Eckardt’s score has been taken in two time periods. First 3 to 6 months after the surgery and second, at the time of the caII (January 2016). ResuIts: A totaI of 19 patients were incIuded, with a mean age of 36.6 years and 68.4% of them were maIes. The mean of the pre−surgicaI Eckardt score was 6.2 which dropped to (1.3, 2.5) after Laparoscopic HeIIer Myotomy (P<0.01) with a cIinicaI remission of 84.2% after the surgery and a totaI faiIure in 3 patients (15.2%) after the surgery. ConcIusion: Laparoscopic HeIIer Myotomy is an effective procedure in AchaIasia patients with cIinicaI remission of 84.2%.   KEYWORDS: AchaIasia, HeIIer myotomy, Esophagus, Eckdart score.