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Evaluation of Interleukin- 5 in Mild and Moderate Asthmatic Patients Following Corticosteroid Therapy

Moheeb A. Salih ABMS, Raed Hussein Alnuaemi M Sc. Department of Medicine and Biochemistry, Tikrit University College of Medicine, Tikrit, Iraq. Correspondence author: Moheeb A. Salih, Department of Medicine, Tikrit University College of Medicine, Tikrit, Iraq.

Journal Title:Aalborg Academy Journal of Medical Sciences

Background: Asthma is a very common chronic disease in Iraqi community. Involving the respiratory system in which the airways occasionally constrict, become inflamed, and are lined with excessive amounts of mucus often in response to one or more triggers. Aim: this study was conducted to determine the role of interleukin 5 as asthmatic biomarker in Iraqi community in order to target the trait. Patients and Methods: Serum level of interleukin-5 [SIL-5] which is one of the inflammatory markers in asthma was estimated in 90 persons including those with asthma on steroid therapy (35 patients) and those without steroid (35 patients) therapy and the healthy control group (20 persons). Results: The mean level of SIL-5 was high in moderate asthmatic patients without steroid in their treatment protocol (16.56 pg/ml), while it was less in mild asthmatic patients without steroid therapy. SIL-5 mean values were lower in mild and moderate asthmatic patients who receive steroid therapy (3.94 pg/ml, 4.10 pg/ml respectively). While it was least in the control healthy group (3.32 pg/ml). Conclusion: serum IL-5 is predictive biomarkers for asthma severity and treatment response monitoring in Iraqi subjects with asthma. Key Words: Asthma, IL-5, Steroid therapy, Inflammatory marker.