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MINI REVIEW: Leishmaniasis in North Western Yemen

Nabil M Mogalli, Biology Department, Hajjah University.

Journal Title:Aalborg Academy Journal of Medical Sciences

luding Yemen. Information and knowledge on the ecology and epidemiology of leishmaniasis is very important for disease control. This knowledge could be focused on detection and identification of the parasite and the vector(s), as well as identification of reservoir host(s). The leishmaniasis is widespread in Yemen and it is the most prevalent skin infectious disease. There is a clear increase in the number of cases, which is worrying in Yemen. Reports were taken from Yemen Ministry of Public Health and Population web site (2007- 2012) showing increased leishmaniasis from 1009 cases in 2007 to 2475 in 2012. In spite of this no fully documented reports for leishmaniasis are available in Yemen. Although there have been a few previous reports. Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is widespread in Yemen, but its extent has not been fully documented. Key words: Leishmaniasis, Cutaneous leishmaniasis, CL, Yemen. Developing Countries.